4 – 5 Years Physical Development

In this year, it will reach approximately 2 times its birth length. However, this is not a rule. If your child continues to grow in line with his/her own developmental line, this is normal, avoid comparing him/her to other children.

At this age, your child’s gross motor skills will show further development. This year, you will witness that he can jump rope, turn around, do somersaults, and hang from a bar by his arms. He can climb some of the climbing tools in the playground, jump for a long time in place, jump forward comfortably, throw the ball forward with only his arms over his head without using his body much. Again at this age, he will be able to throw the ball forward using only his wrists. Also this year, your child will be able to bounce the ball on the ground, jump on one foot and catch the ball with both hands.

Apart from these, your child will also make significant progress in the area called fine motor skills. He will be able to build strong and multi-cube towers, draw a house and a person with at least 6 body parts, write his own name, and make rough shapes with dough, although not very meaningful. Your child will also be able to use scissors more properly at this age. It succeeds in cutting a paper, cutting a straight line, following the existing lines. He will also be able to imitate simple shapes by drawing them.

Brushing his teeth, combing his hair, washing and drying his hands will also be things that your child can do by himself at this age. If you support him, he will be able to dress and undress himself. However, he is more likely to succeed in lacing his shoes later in life. Which hand your child uses (right or left) will also be revealed this year. If he is left-handed, do not force him to use his right hand.

At this age, your child will have a good command of the language to be able to remember and tell part of a story. Can tell long stories. Can make sentences containing more than five words. Can form sentences in the future tense. Can accurately say his/her own name and address.

Growth development tracking:

You can follow your child’s growth and development with percentile tables and curves.

Click for growth development – percentile calculation 

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